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Plantronics Rig Headset Review

The Plantronics Rig is a combination headset; a headset for gaming and an everyday set of high fidelity headphones. Seeing as I was in the market for a new headset I jumped at the chance to review this unique setup, but does it go all the way to 11 or does it fall flat.

Like a lot of gaming headsets out there on the market the headset comes with a mixamp to let you make adjustments to different channels and volumes on the fly but the Rig has something a little different up its sleeve. While you can adjust the balance between the game audio and chat audio you are also able to press a switch and change to your phone and take calls whilst still gaming. As well as this you are able to take the headset, minus the mixamp, and use it as a handsfree kit while out and about.

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Contrast Review

Contrast is a puzzle platformer in a 1920’s themed setting, featuring a young girl named Didi and her friend Dawn.The game starts with Didi sneaking out of bed and into a nightclub where she finds that her family life is not quite as perfect as she hoped. You play as her Didi’s mysterious friend Dawn, and must help with her journey to repair her broken family and get her parents back together.

From the title screen, the scene is set wonderfully with a jazz soundtrack and noir design looks great. I have always loved the style in games such as Bioshock and the individual locations ooze of it, from jazz clubs, to cinemas and hotels, they all look the part.


Your ...

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Master Reboot Review

Our review of excellent adventure/exploration game, Master Reboot, from Wales Interactive… oh and it has cards too!

Spoiler free.

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Rise of Venice Review

Rise of Venice is a great, slow paced, mercantile strategy game published by Kalypso.

Buy Rise of Venice on Steam now.

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Steam Marines Review

“In space no one can hear you scream” goes the famous film quote. They might just hear you scream after playing this intentionally hard roguelike game.

Steam Marines is a roguelike set onboard a ship that has been attacked. You control a squad of four soldiers who must reach the elevator on each procedurally generated floor to proceed through the ship and eventually find freedom. It would be fair to say the game takes a good amount of influence from the Space Hulk/Crusade and X-Com game series, with its dark corridors and rooms with ‘fog of war’ and action points to spend on movement and actions. While not an original concept, Steam Marines manages to blend its influences into a neat game.

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Greenlight Highlights – Episode 15

The latest in our weekly look at some of the best new submissions to Steams Greenlight section. In this episode we cover MokMok, Mimpi, Quadradius, Unsworn, Atomic Ninjas, Out of the Park Baseball 14 and Franchise Hockey Manager.

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Air Conflicts Vietnam Review

We take a trip back to Vietnam in our review for Air Conflicts Vietnam.

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